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Situated at an altitude of 920 metres above sea level, Bangalore is the principal administrative, cultural, commercial and industrial centre of the state of Karnataka. The city, which is spread over an area of 2190 square kilometres, enjoys a pleasant and equable climate throughout the year. Its tree-lined streets and abundant greenery have led to it being called the 'Garden City' of India. However, since local entrepreneurs and the technology giant Texas Instruments discovered its potential as a high-tech city in the early 1980s, Bangalore has seen a major technology boom. It is now home to more than 250 high-tech companies. Including homegrown giants like Wipro and Infosys. Consequently, now Bangalore is called the 'Silicon Valley' of India.

Bangalore, the nerve - centre of India's software industry. Its other major industries include aircraft, electronics and machine tools. Despite being one of Asia's fastest growing cities, Bangalore remains one of the most elegant metropolises in India. A well - planned city, with tree - lined avenues, a large number of parks, gardens and lakes, Bangalore is aptly called India's garden city.

The city attracts people in large numbers, from all over the country, and abroad, who come to look for better job opportunities, and higher education. Surprisingly, all this frantic industrial expansion and increase in the population, has not robbed Bangalore of its essential old-world appeal. It is, in the true sense, a very 'happening' city.

Some facts about Bangalore
  • Geographical Location
    Latitudinal parallels: 12 degree 8' N
    Longitudinal meridians: 77 degree 37' E
  • Climate
    March to May (warmest months)
    December to January (coldest months)
    June to September (rainy - southwest monsoon)
    November to December (rainy - northeast monsoon)
  • Temperature
    Highest maximum of 33 degree C to lowest minimum of 14 degree C
  • Language
    Regional Language: Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil are widely spoken and understood.
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